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How The Right Writing Style Made Me a Good Employee

writing style

In work, the value of having a clear and concise writing style cannot be stressed. A style of writing that is effective can assist ideas, information, and messages be communicated in a way that is crystal clear, succinct,…

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The Insider’s Guide to Writing Conventions

writing convention

What is a writing convention? Whether students are in elementary school or high school, they often take a class or have a teacher-led workshop on writing conventions. Good writers follow these rules, which students should learn early on….

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Networking for Bloggers: A Starter’s Guide

networking for bloggers

Your blog’s success may be significantly influenced by the people you connect with or your blog networking. If you want to make a great first impression and forge a good relationship as a blogger, you’ll need to connect…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Not Dead in 2023

Why Blogging Is Not Dead

About 20 years have passed since we first read about blogging. In spite of some early stumbles, the blogging community has developed into a billion-dollar business. Regardless of this, many have been forecasting its demise for years.  But,…

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How Lifestyle Blogs Aren’t as Bad as You Think

lifestyle blog

We’re curious about the thing that drives you the most. Food? Travel? Health? Isn’t it fantastic that you can make a living doing what you love if you write? As a matter of fact, you can. You could…

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Coping and Keeping Your Target Reader

target reader

There is a continual barrage of content being offered to audiences. Today, the average person spends 46% of their waking hours consuming media. Fast-paced information consumption and widespread multitasking are the norms. Now, how do you cope as…

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Top 5 Things You’ve Never Heard About Writing Blog Post Introduction

“You are never gonna write that blog post introduction.” “This is gonna be tricky!” “Who would even want to read this?” Type… backspace… type… backspace… repeat. Writing a blog post introduction can be isolating. The FOMO (Fear of…

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What Competitive Analysis of Blog Experts Want You To Know

competitive analysis

When launching a new product or service into the marketplace, differentiating yourself from the pack has always been priority number one. However, even the best products and services need to be promoted in order to be sold. Successful…

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How to Write a Blog Post Outline

blogpost outline

When it comes to writing a blog post that not only attracts new readers but also captivates their imaginations and leaves them wanting more. Companies that blog receive 97% more engagements on their websites.  However, blog writing is…

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Article Topics That Work Post-Pandemic


Our personal and professional life is currently being impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Many are attempting to negotiate their businesses’ growing complexity as it relates to their workforce, supply chain, financial situation, level of customer engagement, and…

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