Popular Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

There are now over 57 million freelancers in the US. This number continues to grow since more and more people find value in the flexibility and profitability that freelancing brings forth to those who dare explore this path. And one of the most in-demand skills in most freelancing platforms is the skill of writing.

Those who are looking for a side hustle and are, at the same time, skillful at writing could go for freelancing. There is a huge opportunity awaiting those who venture into this field. According to statistical data, freelance writers can earn an average of $24 per hour. Those who belong to the top 10% of expert writers can earn as much as $63 per hour. Copywriters, on the other hand, can earn up to $250 per hour. 

Anyway, research from the gig economy in 2018 shows that the majority of freelancers work in creative fields at 33%, and 17% of the population is making a living through writing services.

Do you want to become a freelance writer? 

Here are five practical ways to look for, and land a freelance writing job.

1. Join Freelancing Websites (Upwork, etc.)

If you are a beginner in freelancing, then third-party platforms are the safest, and most convenient way to connect with clients.  

They actually help you find a valid job and a paying client. Usually, they ask for a lot of verification from the freelancer, client, and agency just to secure the reliability of the marketplace. They also provide ratings and reviews of their clients, depending on the platform. Even details if they are paying or not. You can search for their validity within the marketplace.

It is also the most convenient way to show a profile to your target clients. For a fact that they have a built-in organized form to showcase your portfolio 

Example of these freelance marketplace is Fiverr, Upwork, FreeUp, and Freelancer.com

2. Cold Pitch to Potential Clients

Cold pitching is a timeless marketing strategy for getting a freelance writing job or any freelance work. Maybe because it is less competitive, and you will have a higher chance for a gig. 

 So what is cold pitching? Well, it is directly approaching target clients. Introduce yourself to them by telling them what you are doing that is useful for the growth of their business. Make connections with them and eventually build business relationships with them.

Indeed, it is also great to reach out to people, and it is still effective up to this day. It’s just that you need to be more authentic and less “salesy.” Like you really need to be more than willing to spend time creating genuine relationships. For instance, reading people’s valuable posts and engaging them, talking more about it, and helping them in any way when they need help. Eventually, your service will be visible to your client’s radar.

The strategy is simply building relationships. Conversing with them like a friend, getting to know them, earning their trust, and being relevant to them before ever talking about business. However, build a relationship without expecting anything from it. In the process, even if you don’t get the gig from those people you will earn their trust and be part of your network.

3. Create a Facebook Page

Social media is a great way to hook your target clients. And Facebook is one of the most populated sites to get a gig for your writing business. You can definitely leverage your Facebook page if you know how to curate your own Facebook content. There you can get organic and paid traffic.

As you would notice, digital media marketing has become prevalent nowadays. Well, it’s because of Facebook pages, Facebook ads, or the whole platform itself.  

Actually, you can personalize your Facebook page. You can put related stuff that is relevant to your freelance writing jobs like your bio or a brief summary of your business & contact information. You can put booking dates for your consultation schedule. You can also link it to your blog and websites. And lastly, you can even put a call to action button.

In addition, you can build your own network on Facebook by joining relevant groups of freelance writers in your niche and also joining groups where your potential customer hangs-out. If you are an active member, you can expect mutual understanding in those communities. Once you see people commenting, you can start engaging with them and even pitching your freelance writing services.

4. Set up a Website and Blog

This is absolutely a very essential part of the process to obtain a freelance writing job. But it is not a priority, especially if you are still busy. However, there is no better way to attract high-ticket clients than to set up your website and blog. Why? Well, there are several reasons; Firstly, because it makes you more professional. Secondly, you can persuade them to sign a contract with you by allowing them to collect all the information they needed. Thirdly, you can organize your bio, portfolio, and services. And lastly, you can use it to practice your content strategies while building your own portfolio.

Remember, you are not branding another business or company but, you are branding yourself as a writer. And so you need to put your professional business page out there for the world to see.

5. Tap Your Network

Indeed making connections is vital in every career, most especially for freelancers. Without this network, you cannot get plenty of clients that you need to have a steady cash flow. Oftentimes, your friends, acquaintances, and relatives are those that can help you get a stable freelancing writing job and opportunities. 

As you establish rapport and build relationships with your clients, you’ll develop leads to stable or occasional demand for your expertise. In fact, you can build your brand by getting them to know you better, gaining their interest, and eventually earning their trust. The reason why you keep in touch with your clients with whom you worked previously. Who knows these clients might again look for your service or refer you to their friends. 

Also, if you want to learn more about succeeding as a freelance writer then, you have to join a group with other freelance writers. Even if you are in the same competition with them, you can still help each other in maximizing your potential as a writer and freelancer. Actually, those experienced writers can give you some strategies about freelancing, and most probably answer your questions and help you with your resources. And watch out, they can also pitch you their coaching business.

In addition, join groups where your ideal client spends most of their time and engage with them. Try the cold messaging strategy especially if they look like they need your skills and expertise. 

Lastly, don’t forget to inform your closest network, your family, and friends. They would never forget to refer you especially when a need sets in.

So are you now ready for your next adventure? Put in mind, that you. will never be 100% ready until you’re actually doing it. If you will still wait when you’re ready, then you’ll never get anything started and done. Therefore, don’t be afraid and dive into a whole new world of freelance writing.

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