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Imagine that you are to attend an important meeting with a potential investor that could change the course of your life. It is expected that you will completely give it your all. You will equip yourself by preparing the best presentation ever. 

To seal the deal, you will go the extra mile of making yourself presentable even if the meeting will be done online. You will dress the part of a trusted and reliable business partner—just like writing content for your blog

In order to engage potential readers, your blog should not only flow with words but should have relevant images included in the posts. Adding images to your blog posts will attract more potential readers to your blog. 

Your words will entice readers and the images will keep them captivated to finish reading your post. The images added to your blog post will make a lasting impression to the readers that it will result in them anticipating to read more of your blog posts. 

With increased traffic to your blog site comes an increase in subscribers. And with increased subscribers, more leads can be generated. 

Keep in mind that the image added to your blog post should add value to the words you have written. Images added should support all the points in your blog post. The images added should act like a thread that would piece all your thoughts together. Don’t just add an image for the purpose of adding an image. 

The image added should not be a mere decoration to your blog post. You can use images as often as you think is needed to make your blog post more interesting. Don’t be stingy and don’t go overboard in adding images to your post. 

The good news is that there are multiple websites that offer FREE but quality photos that you can use in your blog posts. As a courtesy, you can provide attribution to the photographer. Acknowledging the photographers will provide exposure to their work and will highly encourage them to produce more quality and free images. 

We have listed nine (9) websites below that you can start exploring.  We know that you are excited to start exploring but before you do so, say this with us like Dora, “Come on, vamanos! Everybody, let’s go! Come on, let’s get to it. I know that we can do it!”


They wrote on their website, “All you need to create a website.” And they are not wrong. 

As of today, there are 3,008,701 beautiful high-resolution images from 200k global contributors to choose from. There are three major categories on the website. Each major category has subcategories that will help you narrow down your search. Or you can use the search button on top of the page. 

You can use keywords like rain, sunshine, happiness, or love. It is super easy to download the images. Per image, there is a download button that you can click. Once you finish downloading, it will also provide you the name of the photographer you want to attribute. 

To visit explore: 


Number 2 on the list is the Pexels website. The website not only has a huge stock of free stunning images, but it also offers free videos for you to use on your blog post. 

The website is user-friendly. Besides the search tab, there is an Explore Tab on top of the page that can help newcomers to the website. 

To explore online: 


Photos? Illustrations? Vectors? Videos? Music? Don’t worry, the third website Pixabay got you covered. The website is uber user-friendly. There are over 2 million superb photos readily available for you to use. You do not need to create an account to explore the website. You can search by keywords. If you need to refine your search, use the advanced search option. There is a detailed explanation of how to use it.   

To explore online:

The fourth website that is also free from copyright restrictions is There are 100 categories (yes, we counted!) to choose from. Each category has three sub-categories. Talk about something specific. 

The website is abounding with fresh and magnificent high-resolution stock photos from all over the world. All photos are well within your fingertips’ reach to download. guarantees new photos every week will be added. 

To explore online: 

Free Images

The fifth website is Free Images. There is a search option for free photos. 

Free photos currently have 26 categories with 382,644 beautiful stock photos. To use the Browse >> Lightboxes and add favorites, you need to log in.

To explore online: 

Wikimedia Commons

You can say the sixth website is the sister of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Common is a project of Wikimedia Foundation. 

The readily available stock photos to use from the website is quite overwhelming. The website is actually considered a media file repository since it is not only exclusive to stock photos. 

Wikimedia Commons also offers sound and video clips. The website is available in 27 other languages aside from English. Cool, huh?!  

To explore online:    

Public Domain Pictures

This seventh website also offers free from copyright restrictions. 

However, not everything on this website is free. To be on the safe side, you would need to check each photo for its attribution and licensing requirements. 

To explore online: 


The beauty of the 8th website is that it offers filters to images found. 

Pikiwizard has more than a million stock photos. These stock photos can be merged and can be altered by adding texts on the same website. The website also offers free videos.

To explore online: 

Free Range Stock

Last but definitely not the least is Free Range Stock. 

There are 3,050,407 free stock photos available on this website. You would need to subscribe to download. You can still explore the website without subscribing though. 

The website will provide four download options for you:

  • Full-size image 4571 x 4687 – 1.5mb
  • Medium – Social media size 970 x 994 – 0.05mb
  • Small – Blog size 640 x 656 – 0.03mb
  • Send to PIXLR to edit Image and image will load in PIXLR

To explore online: 

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