Real Ways to Make Money Online

There are a lot of ways to make money.

The most important quality you need is the passion for learning to earn.

Online side hustles are a common approach to make money.

Startup costs are minimal, and there are many places where you can get free WiFi.

In this article, I have listed a few side hustles and some ways you can get a part-time online job to earn some extra bucks.

1. Tried

Several people are using Amazon FBA to make some easy cash.

The trick is to find profitable products (I use aliexpress to find profitable products), learn about Amazon SEO so that you can get more organic sales on Amazon

Apart from this, you can also create an authority website on any topic like guitar, dogs, etc. And then recommend amazon products through your website as an affiliate.

Here are my latest stats for one of my websites:make money on Amazon

2. Freelancing

Many individuals and organizations frequently outsource their work and find freelancers on the internet.

Go on to freelancing sites like upwork and freelancer, and find jobs that interest you.

There are several jobs like writing, transcribing, designing that require little skill and can be learned quickly.

Another great site for micro jobs is

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3. Web-based Coaching and Consulting

Blogging is just a marketing tool.

There are many other options like using your intellect to help organizations.

Maybe you are an SEO or a social media expert, or perhaps you can build an online business, offering your services can help you make some extra money.

4. Start a blog

This one is my favorite just because I make a big portion of my monthly income through my blog.

I have blogs in various niches which make me passive income

Here is an income proof from just one of them:

Income Proofs :

make money online

income proof

income proof for payouts

Yes, I invest a lot of my time in building my blogs.

But I have kept it at number four position because its time consuming and gives you’re a return after a long time.

Here are my tips if you are thinking about starting a blog.

  1. Focus on one website at a time
  2. Choose a niche that has medium to low competition so that you can rank high on Google search.
  3. Focus on quality over So even if you write just one article in a month, make sure it is your best.
  4. Focus on SEO. Search engine optimization is the key to building a successful blog.

Here is the analytics for one of my affiliate sites:

Proof affiliate sites

This website alone makes me close to $3-4K a month. Why? Because 3 of my articles are ranking #1 for almost all the keywords related to that article.

5. Sell Video Courses

Now, this one is my favorite.

The best part about selling digital good is that the investment cost is one time

Let’s say you create a video course on how to play the guitar in 30 days, it’ll take you 20 days to create aa audio course, but it’ll continue to sell online forever.

Udemy will host the courses, and you will be making money from each sale. Now, even if you sell 10,000 courses, your investment is just one time.

Digital products have helped me scale my business

My tips:

  1. Make sure the quality of your course is much more than what is available for free on youtube.
  2. You should have complete knowledge and control over your funnel. From finding customers to selling them more courses at a later time.
  3. Money is in the upselling. So make sure you use it correctly.

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Final Thoughts

Now that I have listed some side hustles in this article, you can choose the one that suits you the most and start working on it.

About the Author

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, and Foodie. He has been blogging since 2010. In 2016, he scored 99.2 percentile in XAT Exam for MBA. However, he left that to pursue his online business. He has several websites but is his newest venture, with a purpose to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on becoming a digital marketer in India for free. Write to him at

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