6 Blogging Tools For Generating Topic Ideas

Recent blogging statistics reveal an estimate of 409 million views of around 20 billion pages. Basically, 77% of internet users are blog readers, and 43% of them confess to skimming blog posts. Moreover, 36% prefer list-based headlines. There are also 77 million new blog comments initiated by the readers each month. In the United States, three times more hours are spent reading blogs than they do emails. 

These figures are good news for bloggers, but the downside is the great competition on the web, and the searchable standards are high. Most of the time, the people you want to reach are facing an ever-increasing content, which is demanding their attention and they do not even have at least a minute in their day to read.

Indeed, a rapidly increasing number of profit and non-profit enterprises recognize this demand and intense competition they face to get the time and the attention of their target audiences. A very vital lesson is that in a world that is becoming ever more complicated, it is essential to have valuable posts so that the people you want to reach will pay attention to these posts. This is the context that gives rise to content strategy.

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So what is your content strategy? Your content strategy tells people what they want and need to know in ways that are credible, trustworthy, and transparent. According to some latest research, quality content takes about 3.5 hours to write, and you have to produce a blog post with 2000 plus words to have strong visibility.

Yes, it seems overwhelming and intimidating, but don’t fear. You are on the right track. For a start, this post will tackle the top 6 blogging tools for generating topic ideas that will surely capture the interests of your target audience. Here is the list:

1. Blog Ideas Generator by HubSpot

The headline or your title is the most essential element of your blog. This gives a good headstart in your blog article. More or less, if you gain the interest of your readers with it, you will get more leads and eventually more sales.

For managing your content, especially when making ideas that will effectively increase customer leads and client retention, HubSpot is a perfect tool that will effectively generate ideas. This tool is commonly used when generating ideas, plus it’s free. When entering the site, youz simply enter a noun to “get started” as the site says. Once you enter a noun, a couple of blog post ideas will be generated by the site. The headlines generated by the platform are already SEO-boosted, which means that it is easily searched. In addition, they formulate ideas that wrap up the entire article and headline.

So now you need a captivating title, right? This is the reason why you’re often stuck on thinking about what topic to write this time. Well, worry no more, there is a time-saving topic generating tool that can help you with this complicated task. 

For beginners, the Blog Ideas Generator by HubSpot is one of the best blogging tools that can be found. This tool provides you with five topic ideas, which is good for a week’s work, for a set of three keywords or phrases you would provide. You can input the keywords in the refillable section, and the tool will provide you with new ideas to use.

If you desire to change the results, just go back, and enter a new set of keywords again.

And just a tip: be specific on your keywords especially if you are looking for specific content ideas.

2. Quora

Quora is a one-stop, go-to-site for a crowdsource answer that can lead you to real and interesting topics that are relevant to people. These are queries that you can answer diligently through a blogpost. 

It is indeed a helpful tool for bloggers especially those who often experience writer’s block. You can go to the site and find ideas that are worth discussing with others and you will never lack or run out of blog post topics. 

For bloggers who are still in their starting phase, Quora is also a great platform for asking ideas. It is a community platform where everybody asks a question, and everyone gets an opportunity to answer a particular question. 

Furthermore, Quora is where you get to have new perspectives on generating topic ideas. From amateur, novice, and expert level, people get to answer some queries regarding help on generating topic ideas. In fact, you can find more long-tail keywords here than in Google AdWord’s Keywords Planner. For accessibility purposes, Quora is commonly recommended by blogging experts. 

If you are building an online business, you can leverage Quora by using it to find topics for your content that interest crowds, particularly your target audience. This network is built of diverse people and communities from different sectors in life ranging from students to entrepreneurs or business owners. Furthermore, people here engage with one another at a meaningful and deeper level that adds value to each other. And that is what you are looking for, right?

All you need is to search for your specific keywords and follow valuable topics or Quora spaces related to your blog’s focus.

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3. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a one-stop site that gives you more than just the recommended topics. It has one of the unique features among all tools because they get to emphasize content marketing and social media analysis. With regards to generating topic ideas, this platform gets to analyze backlinks and engagements, which gives you real-time data that enables you to initiate some things if you are going to continue a certain topic idea generated or not. 

BuzzSumo will show you a considerable number of elements that are necessary for creating your content. It is indeed a useful blogging tool for generating a relevant topic fit for your niche and your target clients.

This blogging tool could be a reliable tool for resolving and determining where you’re heading with the appropriate phrases or keywords. By simply keying in a specific subject or a URL into the BuzzSumo search box, you will get plenty of data on the topic that will potentially give good results for your blog. You may scan various headings, content types, languages, word count, and search volume in different countries.

Moreover, it is very useful for brainstorming and generating ideas from a general point of view to several specific contents that are profitable to your niche. It is indeed a powerful blogging tool that can help you in building your web pages with quality content.

4. QuickSprout

Another practical blogging tool for content creation is QuickSprout. It has a competitive content analysis tool that will help you determine the most interesting topics to write about. For bloggers who are still starting to make their blog articles profitable, this platform is recommended. For aspiring digital marketers generating topic ideas, this platform is highly suggested. 

QuickSprout has procedures and tutorials on the different marketing tools and methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, search engine advertising, and other tools that enable you to effectively generate topic ideas that are profitable. 

You can get inspiration from some features that are highlighted by this site. All you have to do is enter a URL into this tool and it will give you the site’s performance and valuable content that will keep you motivated. 

It will help you write comprehensive content that will eventually guide the reader in a clear direction after reading it. It could also help you gain insights on how to retain your readers and increase conversion rates.

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5. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a free-web-based blogging tool that helps in your content strategy. Out of the search engine optimization (SEO) tools, this platform is considered the best tool in terms of keyword searchability. The tool comes with a navigation-friendly system that enables you to give effective keywords to use when generating topic ideas. SEO Difficulty, SERP Analysis, Competitor Analysis, and SEO Auditing tools are some of the unique features that UberSuggest is offering when it comes to generating great topic ideas. 

It is particularly a website SEO tool that helps in gaining a better understanding of the performance of your content, rankings, and target audience to rise above your competitors. This tool was acquired by Neil Patel to grow his own business and clients’ websites as well. Now, several websites online use UberSuggest and benefit from its many features.

Although this blogging tool is free, you can also upgrade to a premium package. The free feature would include a lot of useful tools already like generating keywords and blog ideas. It will also give you an overview of your blog-site statistics data, a competitor analysis that you can use for auditing your sites and adding backlink features. However, if you don’t want to be limited in using the tool, sign up for a premium account and it should be worth the cost.

6. Twitter Trending Topics

Finally, the Twitter trending topic is a massive help in building your content. Considering vast topics that are relevant in society nowadays, Twitter trending topics allow you to see some of the things that are commonly discussed by people nowadays. 

Twitter, a social media platform, is commonly used where people get to discuss topics that are happening nowadays. People on Twitter get to react or discuss issues that are happening. 

Twitter trending topics are the most underrated of the tools mentioned here but check out this feature of the Twitter homepage as it can be very useful in acquiring ideas from the latest trends and news. As a blogger finding some topics to generate in your blog, you get to have an idea of what topics you are going to discuss with a certain group of people. 

You can write your blog posts according to the trending topics that go live in the metro and near cities around you. And you can also get fully-tailored tweets or a hashtag that is accompanied by a steady stream of tweets that most often will lead you to why such a topic has become the talk of the town with the new feature called explanatory tweets and descriptions. 

In building your page, it is vital to know about these tools for better content creation—and most especially, to save time and money. Just keep in mind that the content’s primary goal is to focus on prioritized, strategic subjects.

The next time you go on a brainstorming mode, make sure that you use one or more of these tools to generate the best topic ideas.

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