Top 6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

Digital marketing further paved the avenue for businesses and organizations to foster communication with their audiences with digital marketing blogs. 

Through digital marketing blogs, consumers have an accessible way of making purchasing decisions on their desired products and services from different suppliers. Business organizations have the opportunity to build new markets, offer innovative services, and interact with audiences in new ways. They can compete with larger businesses on an equal footing. There is no wonder why 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog.

customers through company blog

Business organizations can also monitor their marketing and advertising campaigns and track data directly from visitors and clients. Website traffic, such as seeing the number of people who have visited your website and the number of pages they have visited, can be tracked by using certain digital analytics software.

Identifying the trends in terms of how people research and buy your product gives you a heads up in making more informed decisions about marketing strategies you need to pay more attention to. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online; thus, there is a need to invest more in digital marketing campaigns that will make your product or service known.

One great way to stay up to date with the latest know-how and trends in digital marketing is to follow digital marketing experts and their regular content releases. Doing so will not only help you get more information about the best and newest strategies that work effectively, but this will also help you become a holistic marketing professional and take advantage of limitless opportunities.

Listed below are the top digital marketing blogs you should follow. 

top 6 digital marketing blogs


Having their main objective to help business organizations in improving their advertising and marketing aspect, Adweek seeks to promote innovative relationships between the organization and its clients, feasible advertising strategies, constructive campaigns, and creative marketing leadership strategies that every organization can employ in digital marketing. contains news and analysis content on empowering leadership, talent, potential, workplace inclusion, career, and sustainability of business organizations.  Brand marketing, marketing innovation, digital marketing news, digital data and insights, retail eCommerce, streaming marketing strategies, and other aspects of digital marketing and marketing leadership are highlighted.

The bonus material added by Adweek is that they facilitate commerce week, webinars, and mentorship sessions to help businesses foster a feasible and impactful digital marketing strategy.  


Balancing the client load, managing the expectations of your clients, handling issues in unexpected drops in your blog, and other SEO challenges are indeed dynamic and difficult to handle. Seeking advice on SEO to get the best results for your blog or digital marketing strategy is just one tap away with Backlinko.

Having their most reliable SEO blogs on the Internet, Backlinko publishes data-driven case studies and content. They even have step-by-step tutorials on boosting your rankings in different search engines, such as Google. With their help, you can have a more optimized blog.

To access more valuable content and case studies that will boost your SEO skills in digital marketing, you can also join their email newsletter.

Content Marketing Institute

Prioritizing content expertise, producing high-quality content in suitable formats, understanding buyer perspectives, and other content marketing challenges are faced by business organizations in the digital platform, given that the clients and consumers are particular with the details and features of the product or service offered to them online. 

Advancing the practice of content marketing, Content Marketing Institute (CMI) guides and helps business organizations put content marketing plans in place, create an effective content marketing program, and provide feasible and research-oriented consulting and content marketing strategies to help them attract and retain customers. 

Signing up for their daily alerts and getting an exclusive e-book that can effectively drive business organizations towards making more effective content marketing strategies is a must. You can do this by visiting their website and subscribing to their content marketing strategies.

Marketing Land

For Chief Marketing Officers and digital marketing executives seeking up-to-date and relevant updates on developments in the digital marketing industry, check out Marketing Land. This blog showcases announcement and business developments that are happening in and around the globe.

Marketing Land publishes an enormous amount of articles and content that you can use in the digital marketing world. Most of these are trends in different types of industries from business leaders and industry experts.

Without going through the hassle of searching different websites in seeking for the latest news and launches, Marketing Land is the best platform that you can visit in staying updated with the trends in digital marketing. 


Boosting content rankings, improving search engine optimization, tracking keyword rankings, understanding analytics, and ranking, and assessing competitors are a must in digital marketing. To assess your current standing with the competitors in these aspects, Moz helps you handle SEO issues with your digital marketing blog. In this way, digital marketers can undertake better ways to do marketing and reach a wider audience.

The Moz blog grants you access to the different expert advice and insights of the industry’s top experts. These experts regularly contribute content that primarily helps you level up your SEO and digital marketing skills. Apart from that, you will also come to know more about Moz as a tool for tracking SEO progress.

Moz allows digital marketers to track specific rankings, get insights into issues related to your digital marketing blog, and research for other feasible opportunities to boost SEO. Its ability to check keywords against competitor sites will allow business organizations, especially digital marketing teams, to compete and understand how to market their brand.

Moz’s affordability and user-friendly SEO interface are some of the general highlights of their platform. For first time users, a trial version of Moz is available.

Social Media Examiner

Using different digital marketing strategies on social media platforms helps in reaching a larger audience and making your brand known. However, there is no single digital business strategy that says, “One size fits for all”. 

The Social Media Examiner contains articles that are centered on social media business strategy and growth. This platform contains research studies and numerous communities for social media marketers. With more and more companies investing in social media platforms,  Social Media Examiner provides expert insights on all things social media. They also have a weekly marketing podcast show for you to listen to according to your own pace and terms. 

These digital marketing blogs are not the only ones you should follow online. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that you continually hone your marketing and blogging prowess and learn the latest marketing strategies as your business grows.

The most important thing at the end of the day is to leverage the most useful information out there to your advantage and get ahead of the latest trends. 

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