What Are the Ways to Improve Your Blog Readership? 

Increasing your blog readership simply means increasing your blog readers by numbers. This also means driving more traffic to your blog, which can ultimately generate more sales for your business. 

According to HubSpot, prioritizing blogging increases visits and readers which can lead to making more than 13 times the return on investment. 

Getting more readers is a great sign that you have increased the awareness about your brand and you are reaching more people. 

Without necessarily starting from scratch, there are simple and smart ways for you to improve your blog readership.

Check out the following tips.

Know Your Reader’s Interests

Who are your target readers? If you cannot answer this question, go back to the drawing board immediately.

You cannot possibly create a blog post without direction and knowing your readers’ interests can provide that direction for you. A blog post is intended to be read, and the connection is the key to making sure that everyone is engaged with your post. When the readers are engaged with your post, this will contribute to higher chances of conversion.

In knowing your reader’s interests, imagine that you’re like hosting a party. Making sure that entertaining the guests while feeling them at home and asking what they need is a must. The same with increasing your readers and inviting them over to your website, make sure that you determine what your reader’s interests are. 

In determining the interests of your readers, here are some of the strategies that you can do:

  • Create polls and surveys 
  • Analyze your readers the way they engage with your blog posts
  • Observe the way your readers view, like, and leave comments
  • Determine the conversions and subscriptions
  • Understand the way readers engage with you by observing the bounce rate and visits

Optimize Your Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely still a thing with keyword presence, metadata, and having a stronger content authority contributing to the ranking of your content in the different search engines like Google. 

But because of the influx of blog posts in the different search engine platforms among other factors, optimizing your content is a challenging ordeal. 

Playing a crucial role in reaching a larger audience, optimizing your content is all about making sure that your content is reader-friendly. 

When optimizing your content, put your audience first. The content must be relevant to them or important to them. Keep all writings under the same roof, and make headlines that catch the attention of the readers but not just as click baits. 

Next, the blog posts must be keyword-rich and structure-oriented. 

To further optimize your content, you can also make use of the different strategies:

  • Use the right words, Have a good interplay of transitional and explanatory words.
  • Be objective. Make sure that your blog posts are research-oriented.
  • Enhance the quality of your blog post. Observe proper grammar, formatting, and spelling.

Engage With Your Readers

One of the most enjoyable ways to increase your readers is to engage with them. With this, we get to nurture them in a personal way. 

To engage with your readers, here are some of the ways you can explore:

  • Write in a conversational manner. You can use everyday expressions and short sentences to stimulate the active reading of the readers. 
  • Make use of figurative language, specifically metaphors to stimulate the readers’ imaginative thinking skills.
  • Inspire your readers to take action and influence others to do the same. Make a wrap-up learning session at the concluding part of your paragraph.
  • Share your vulnerabilities and learning. This can entice readers to read more of your content by having a sense of empathy.
  • Make blog posts that are interesting. You can make use of humor and real situations that contextualize your blog posts.

Engaging continually with the readers is a crucial way to increase your readers. Make your readers feel like their concern and presence matter. You can do this beyond commenting back. 

You respond to their suggestions and recommendations for further improvement of your blog. Give them a shoutout if you can.

Use Compelling CTAs

Ensuring that your audience does something after reading your blog post is one way to know if they have indeed read your blog. Fun and compelling call-to-action are also essential in involving your readers. 

Clicking on your ad, encouraging them to take the next step, and telling them to do something about what they have read are all challenges that could make your readers want to repeatedly visit your blog.

To make your call-to-action statements even more effective, take note of the following:

  • Using a strong and direct command to start your CTA. Make sure to be accurate.
  • Provoke the enthusiasm of the readers by giving them a reason why they should take the desired action.
  • Be creative. Make catchy yet straight-to-the-point CTAs.

Find an Online Community

As a blogger, joining online communities is a must. Find online communities in your niche and interact with your ideal readers in a non-promotional way. If your aim is to help, you will eventually reap the rewards of your helping when you finally attract your own following.

Consequently, once you have your own following, you can turn them into regular blog readers thereby increasing your blog readership. To increase your readers, online communities give opportunities for people to share the same interests. 

You can also get hooked on the recent happenings and events. Make use of online communities to determine the way people engage in a certain topic, and you know what to do in accordance with their responses.

Share Your Posts

Always share your blog posts. 

Sharing your blog posts through different channels can add up and you will soon have increased blog readership. 

Share your posts on social media, via email, or even through personal messaging. Sharing your posts on different platforms provides you with bigger possibilities of growing your content, traffic, and conversions. 

Although having likes and comments are great indicators of a good blog post, know that until they click your post and read your blog can they potentially become your customers.

Assist them in the process once you get there.

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