10 Popular Writing Styles of Bloggers

In the blogging world, you easily get noticed when you get to have a unique style in blogging. As having a unique trademark in blogging, using an authentic style plays a crucial role in the success of your blog articles. 

Aside from just writing blog articles, people get to easily remember you and your blog articles because of the unique style that you usually empower. This article is useful especially for blog enthusiasts who want to discover their own blog writing style.

There are popular writing styles that bloggers often use. Adopting these styles is important if you want your audience to keep on coming back for more to consume your content. 

Frankly, discovering your unique writing style is not done overnight. Intensive practices and rough draft sessions are undertaken in order to discover your unique writing style, which will contribute to the overall success of your blog website. 

You don’t have to be stiff when it comes to writing content for your blog. As a blogger, it’s better to learn and practice your writing style to further develop it. It’s how your voice will be heard and how your followers will learn from every article that you will be adding to your blog. It’s best to include your personality so that your readers will feel that a real person writes it.

If you’re able to connect with your site visitors through your writing style, then you can make sure that you can keep and make more people go to your website.

All of us do not want a static type of blog article where we just put the text per se. Instead, we want to have a blog article that drives emotions and encourages readers to read and subscribe to more of your blog content. 

Let’s discuss some of the most popular writing styles among bloggers.

1. Confessional Writing Style

Even today, the confessional writing style is the most popular style for bloggers. This type of writing is often meant to shock or even to irritate the readers. Usually, the content is not always based on facts but would rather tend to focus more on the shock element of the writeup. 

Confessional writing, taken from the word “confession”, concerns more on the style of making an ongoing journey of encountering a certain blog topic infused with personal experiences; thus, emotions and experiences are used as the focal point in this style.  

The confessional writing style is like a dramatic confession of the writer but can sometimes become irritating for the reader’s point of view. Subsequently, it can also be very entertaining for most readers especially when infusing a certain personal experience on the blog article written.

What aspect of this style do readers dislike? It is when the writer promises at the beginning that the content will have a revealing story, but it just ends up like most click bait articles. In writing blogs, make sure to avoid a misleading article that doesn’t parallel with the blog headline made. 

2. Narrative Writing Style

Aside from infusing a personal experience that aims to have emotion-driven blog content, some blog writers opt to write articles that construct and communicate a certain story. It’s famously known as a personal narrative which means that you share your own experiences with your readers. 

It’s like a storytelling style of writing, but it provides more factual content. Aside from the confessional writing style, this kind of writing highlights different statistics and data that will highly support their view. 

The narrative writing style is also known to be a non-fiction essay that includes some drama and humor to make the article more exciting. Although it’s like narrating a story, this type of writing keeps the truthfulness and factual information all throughout the content.

Most writers bank on this writing style because storytelling takes readers on a journey with them, thus establishing a connection from start to finish. If a story is brilliantly narrated, it can become a successful tool for driving more traffic.

3. Investigative Writing Style

Do you want to write articles that span all kinds of topics and report the findings to the reader? This writing style will speak to your reader’s interest since it’s like solving a mystery. 

Investigative writing style consists of several questions that will have the answers if you keep on reading and solve the mystery behind the essay in the end. This kind of writing style will get the participation of the readers to follow the clues that are left behind each sentence or word. 

Should you want to write an investigative type of writing style, make sure that you identify first the visual argument by posing questions. After such, you can have wide research on the topic, and then determine the problem and draw a conclusion. Finally, by having such an outline, you can already make an organized investigative writing style. 

It’s very engaging since the readers would like to unravel the mystery, therefore, read until the end of the article.

4. Listicle Writing Style

The listicle writing style is a type of content that is written with a list of topics and their descriptions. Some readers typically want to just get the gist of your blog content and just see the general flow. This kind of writing style is typically recommended for blog writers who have readers who are just seeking straightforward points in their blog articles.  

The listicle writing style is composed of a list of reasons, products, ideas, and anything that is under a headline. One example is this article which provides a list of popular writing styles.

It consists of a list of ideas where you can read the concept behind every number and the description of each writing style.

5. Rebuttal Writing Style

The rebuttal writing style is when the writer picks a topic from another website or event and makes it a discussion. This kind of writing style is recommended for blog writers who have analytical readers on the blog website. The rebuttal writing style presents evidence or reasoning towards a certain argument. The main point in this kind of writing style is to strengthen or weaken a certain argument presented.

This writing style is more of the writer’s point of view about that specific topic and how it is significant for other people. However, the writer avoids personal attacks or insults to the author of that topic. 

It’s done by just sticking to conventional manners to ensure that it will not harm or offend the person behind that fact.

6. Open Letter Writing Style

The open letter-writing style is dedicated to a particular group in general. Typically, an open letter-writing style is addressed to public or prominent figures. 

However, it can consist of either congratulating the readers or insulting them to take action. It’s more of like a letter for a broad audience instead of addressing an individual. 

Although most bloggers avoid using this writing style with the means to insult other people, it can still be used more positively.

7. Pictorial Writing Style

For blog writers who typically are visual readers, this type of writing style is commendable. A lot of bloggers use the pictorial writing style, especially if it’s for a tutorial or how-to topics. 

It’s a series of pictures showing the step-by-step procedure on how to do something. It’s also famous for travel blogs where they add images of their trips. 

Food blogs are also using this writing style to highlight the reviews that they are sharing to their blog.

8. Roundup Writing Style

The roundup writing style is used to describe events, places, products, and more. It can be a roundup article for some events that are happening around a particular location. 

Depending on the blogger’s niche, this type of writing style is a compilation of the expert’s advice or answers to a specific question. 

It’s excellent to increase your site’s traffic since the experts can share your link with their audience.

9. Instructional Writing Style

As the name suggested, it’s an article that consists of instructions about a particular topic. It’s also known to be the how-to-do something. It’s a step-by-step instruction that will be helpful for the readers. Instructional writing style typically composes a lot of imperative or command sentences that entice the readers to do such. 

Most of the bloggers who are using the instructional writing style are teaching the audience what they are good at and add value to their content. 

Many people are always searching for these topics; therefore, it’s a great way to increase traffic.

10. Interview Writing Style

The interview writing style is also appealing to the audience since it’s not just the author who’s telling the story. 

It can include an expert to share his opinion on a particular topic while the author writes about the interaction. It’s an effective way to grow your audience since people like reading from an expert’s point of view. 

This writing style can also increase your blog authority, and it’s a great idea to include in your blog.


Popular writing styles can help to freshen up your blog every once in a while. It can give a different look and feel to your website. 

If you think that you need to add something fresh to your blog, you can do it by changing your writing style. It can create more personality for your blog, and you can experiment with your writing style to see which works best for you. 

Plus it’s the best way to fight the writer’s block at the same time when you think that you’re going through that phase. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these writing styles for bloggers now!

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