Pro Tips on Choosing Blog Topics

Today, more and more people are deciding to go into business for themselves and try to make a living from what they write on their own blog. However, although it is now when this type of work is better known and many people have been able to start living from it, blogs on the Internet for personal use is something that was created more than 15 years ago; practically at the same time as the arrival of the wireless Internet in homes.

Although this work seems perfect and very easy to carry out by anyone, the truth is that it is full of difficulties and requires the full dedication of the person who directs it; it is not just about writing four simple articles a week and waiting for the money to come in alone.

Being a blogger, just like being a journalist, a newspaper editor or a magazine columnist, is a real job that requires a lot of effort and dedication on a daily basis; so it is also time to start respecting it more and accepting it within the list of paid jobs in this new millennium.

And what is the main enemy of any writer? Not knowing what to write about. The blank-sheet syndrome (in this case the blank screen) is something that has always existed and terrifies any content producer. It is of little or no use to a blogger to have an online blog, if he does not have new ideas on which to regularly write his content.

To avoid this, here are a few essential tips that will help any writer find inspiration again. Because inspiration exists, but it is at work.

How to choose blog topics?

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Trust Your Style

This may seem like a cliché to you, but the truth is that the basis of any successful business starts with self-confidence. If you have a content blog and you are never completely satisfied with what you write in it, you will probably end up leaving it because you do not see the results you expected immediately; anxiety is not a good friend of an entrepreneur who works in complete solitude.

On the other hand, if you bet on contents in which you feel totally comfortable writing, you will probably always end up feeling happy with the results; and what is better, people will want to read it because they will notice that it is made with desire and with perfect knowledge of the subject.

If, for example, you love to travel and explain your adventures as a personal diary in a blog, you don’t want to start filling that same blog with articles about personal care or pets; most of the time, wanting to cover more will mean getting less, so focus on what’s important and what you feel more identified with as a professional. The power will always be inside you, not outside.

Do a Proper Search

This is the second essential piece of advice that you should put into practice whenever you are about to write about a topic: do a proper and in-depth search on the topic.

Today’s readers have a lot of information in their hands, they only have to type three words in their search engine and they will be able to find everything they need to know if what you are telling them in your blog is true or not; the Internet is power, but sometimes that power can turn against you if you do not use it intelligently.

That’s why it’s so important that if you decide to write about something, you get your facts straight first; five or six respected sources are the key to having enough information to create a decent and respectable article.

Don’t Rewrite Similar Articles

A very common mistake that many bloggers end up resorting to when inspiration leaves them is to rewrite articles from other successful blogs with similar themes to their own; which is a real mistake that only denotes a huge lack of confidence in our own work.

Social networks are full of posts every five seconds that repeat the same information over and over again, whereas blogs are the only alternative to find unique, fresh, and personal content. However, if we decide to fill our own blog with content that others have already published, we will not be offering anything new to the public, and what is worse, we will be deceiving ourselves.

The best thing you can do is to always focus on the subject matter that you master the most and try to reinvent yourself every week with something new that surprises the viewer. There are a few things left to tell, but the important thing is how you tell them; it depends on whether someone stays to read you or passes you by.

Use Your Personal Experiences

If you have no idea what to write about and all the topics sound the same to you, the best thing you can do is to explain your own experiences in the form of an article; no one can have lived what you have lived, nor explain it in the same way.

There are many bloggers who choose to write everything in the first person, giving it a much more personal and close touch that readers appreciate. There is nothing more authentic than your own experience, so it can always be your best resource to try and explain things about your day-to-day life on a blog.

Make Sure Google Understands Your Topic

If your blog has a good SEO system and every time you publish something Google filters it to position it among its results, it is convenient that you analyze well your blog’s headlines in its search engine to find out if they make sense and work as you expect.

For example, if you are going to write about “5 ways to lose weight from home“, it would be useful that before publishing it, you check if that headline works in Google and redirects the viewer to articles similar to yours. Otherwise, Google may place your article in a different search term than you expected and your audience will never read you.

Nowadays it’s very important to be clear about our ideas, but it’s even more important to know if those ideas make sense on the Internet; after all, that’s where we’re going and where the public can find us.

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