14 Productivity Tools and Apps for Bloggers

Bloggers often spend a lot of time and effort on generating ideas, researching topics, actual writing, doing quality checks through polishing, and graphic designing in order to make sure that they produce high-quality content. However, these tasks may become too complex for them to handle. 

There is no shortcut to success. Nonetheless, there are great alternatives to getting things done efficiently and effectively. With the right tools and knowledge, you can accomplish more tasks in less time. Working efficiently is working smart in accomplishing the necessary tasks and achieving your goals. 

Here are the most recommended productivity tools and apps for bloggers to stay focused and organized, evaluate output, and formulate strategies for best performance. 


Evernote is a leading note-taking app that syncs across all your devices which includes a browser version that is totally impressive. 

This app can record, store, organize and even search your written thoughts, notes, voice memos, images, files, etc. Whatever you uploaded is stored in the cloud so that you can easily access it from your computer or any device available. 

Another great feature of Evernote is that it can quickly turn photos and scanned pictures into notes. Of all productivity tools and apps for bloggers, Evernote has some of the most helpful features, including the capability to keep archived materials and resources you have previously stored. 


Buffer is a software application created to manage multiple accounts in social networks by enabling its user a way to schedule and organize their posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

In other words, it is a social media managing tool that allows you to keep your multiple accounts in different social media sites up to 10 updates in your scheduler. Its calendar feature provides an overview of your posting plans. 

Being a productive tool that emphasizes social media management, Buffer helps schedule posts and track the performance of your blog content on different social media channels. Assuring further engagement with the community, Buffer is available for web and mobile devices.  


This is an incredible project management app that integrates your team’s output and communication in a single hub that’s accessible from every device you’re using. Collaboration is convenient and organization of work is easier with Quip

This platform allows a team of blog writers to create, edit, and modify documents as a group specifically for task management purposes. This app, available on mobile devices and the Web, maximizes every meeting and email so you can focus more on the most essential task at hand. 

Having a good functionality feature, Quip traces the progress of the team in terms of the changes made in a specific task. 


Juggling your multiple accounts and overloaded emails? This app will do wonders in lifting such troublesome burdens. 

Spark provides you an awesome email experience not only individually but works also for the team. This platform allows communication with colleagues accomplishing a certain task. Spark prioritizes your mail so that you can attend to them effortlessly yet efficiently. In terms of running batch jobs, Spark allows a great distribution of data in heavy tasks that enable decongestion of the tasks in writing content. 

Your email is categorized into notifications, newsletters, and personal mails. In addition to that, its free version is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows. Pin and reply to your important emails then you can archive the least important ones and respond later.


This is an amazing task management software that will give you the leverage and assurance that no task is missed. Todoist is a reliable app that organizes your projects and tasks in a way that you easily figure out what to do next. It highlights main projects and classifies them through labels and filters. Furthermore, you can conveniently delegate workloads through this app. 

Some apps are only designed to accommodate your professional tasks but this app is so much more than that. It also includes your daily household routines in a way that will never distract you from work. 

With Todoist you’ll be able to review your upcoming tasks, events to attend to, and other important details needed for you to succeed in every endeavor you’ll have. Todoist’s plugins and other connected apps go into perfect sync in all your devices. Todoist can also be accessed via Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Mac.  

Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is a one-of-a-kind planner app that offers friendly features and totally works great both on iPhone and iPad. This app has a top bar that could switch into different views. 

A plus icon creates events, tasks, or reminders in a few clicks. Its natural language input creates events intelligently and conveniently. It has an easy-to-use task manager that provides means to organize, track, and accomplish your to-do lists. 

One nice feature of Calendar 5 that stands out among the rest in terms of scheduling content is the color-coded feature that arranges the priority of the tasks according to difficulty and urgency. 


Harvest is a web-based time tracking app. This tracking tool offers not only time tracking but also invoicing, expense tracking, and time-based reporting. 

Through this app, you can gain insights and take effective action with easy access to visual reporting. For team tasks, Harvest is highly recommended. It gives task members information on what they must accomplish at a certain period, and the tasks they must finish within a certain timeframe. The color code feature also highlights the tasks that the employees are working on currently. 

Some of its most notable features include:

  • tracking time as you work
  • entering all hours at once
  • tracking time everywhere

You can even speed up time tracking as it allows integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook. And yes, it has an available browser extension.


Teamwork is vital to reach productivity peaks. Trello aids teamwork in matters of collaboration, managing projects,  and organizing them into boards. 

Are you familiar with Kanban? Trello looks and works just like Kanban. With the board, lists, and cards, you can power up your team collaboration using these intuitive features ranging from metrics, calendars, timelines, and others.

At a glance, you already have the big picture with its vivid details pushing you to work with greater motivation because you know what to do and where it will lead you. Trello has a great team organization tool that has features of color coding, labels, and filtering of tasks. 

Another great feature of this platform is that it ensures greater flexibility of the tasks because it can be customized in accordance with your specific needs.

Like the other tools, you can also integrate Trello with other productivity tools and apps for bloggers.


Asana is both a web and a mobile app created to aid teams in organizing, tracking, and managing their designated tasks. It simplifies team collaboration through shared space that includes calendars, reporting tools, file attachments, and other features that are incredibly helpful to inspire teamwork. 

You can also select what kind of project view that meets your style and collaborate whenever and wherever. It also allows you to see overlapping and unscheduled tasks– and aids you to devise a plan on how to work it out. 

In terms of productivity and collaboration in team tasks, Asana is one of the best-recommended productivity tools and apps. Awarded as the Editors’ Choice by PCMag, Asana is free to use for up to fifteen people.

This gives flexibility and vast capabilities to get started on the necessary tasks.


Zapier provides you a workflow automation platform wherein you can connect productivity tools and apps such as Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox. You can also move important data allowing you to focus on your most necessary tasks. 

Zapier has great automation and productivity features that allow the accomplishment of the team in the different tasks assigned. This productivity tool supports two-factor authentication for the security of the accounts logged into the platform. 

Bloggers will surely love getting a notification via Zapier about tasks as reminders.

Google Drive

This is one of the most popular and sought-after cloud-based storage services. Cloud storage enables you to save data and store files in an off-site location where you can easily access through the internet may it be a public or private connection. 

Through Google Drive, you can also share and collaborate in real-time with your teammates for improvements accomplishing better outputs. You can also download or upload files securely using google drive plus you can also integrate them with other Microsoft apps. 

Google Drive, known for its productivity and accessibility with the integration of other Google applications, allows inclusive file sharing among team members that allows bloggers to write together and review articles in real-time.


Grammarly is an excellent writing app that works wonderfully with aspiring writers as it is powered with artificial intelligence empowering you to create one-of-a-kind, faultless writings. 

It alerts you with potential issues in the text, punctuations, and other specific errors one can make in writing. It also suggests contextualized correction or enhancement with grammar, spelling and usage, style, wordiness, and plagiarism. 

This totally amazing app can clearly explain the reason behind every suggestion or correction for you to deliberately decide on how to correct a writing issue. 


Making unique content is a must in this generation as this fast phase world is drawn to more engaging and more creative images and infographics that show the whole detail of what you need to know in a single glance. Canva is a free graphic design platform that answers perfectly to that need. 

It supplies you with countless images that could be turned into customized designs to create anything you need from invitations to backgrounds and several professionally designed templates that suit your needs. 

This app is definitely time-efficient and user-friendly for bloggers and even non-bloggers.


LastPass is a free password manager app that automatically syncs all your passwords for your convenience. It eliminates obstacles and any difficulty in accessing the things you need online. 

With the ever-increasing applications, and other online services and products, remembering and saving your passwords painfully get into your nerves as it is time-consuming and robs you of other necessary things.  

This app also simplifies online shopping as it organizes and stores all your payment and shipping details for you. Like the other productivity tools and apps for bloggers, LastPass definitely saves you a lot of time, not to mention the other equally important features and services it can provide you like generating strong and reliable passwords, storing digital records, and more.

With these great tools, you are now gearing towards your greatest performance whether you are a business person or entrepreneur, a social media influencer perhaps, or even when you are still an aspiring blogger desperate to be successful and productive. 

These productivity tools and apps will certainly empower you to become more engaging, more productive, and more skilled bloggers.

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