Top 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Not Dead in 2023

About 20 years have passed since we first read about blogging. In spite of some early stumbles, the blogging community has developed into a billion-dollar business. Regardless of this, many have been forecasting its demise for years. 

But, stay with me…

Whether you think so or not, the content we share on blogs is more valuable than anything we share on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We know this because people still read blogs. Look at you, you’re still here… 

Let’s take a look at why blogging is still a thing, 

Blogging Can Still Generate Income

How much you can make each visitor and how many people end up visiting your site are two key factors in determining how much money you will make. If you want to make more money as a blogger, you need to either improve your search engine optimization skills or your RPM if you want to see a rise in site visitors. You may improve your return on investment (RPI) by tailoring your content to a certain niche and demographic.

When it comes to return on investment (ROI), some blogging categories seem to be more popular than others. Personal growth, entrepreneurship/online business/marketing, personal finance, lifestyle, and food were found to be the most profitable niches.

When comparing the income potential of different types of blogs, newer ones typically fare worse. However, there are a number of variables that must be considered. Prose production rate. If you’ve been blogging for four years but only have 30 pieces to your name, you’re going to be outperformed by someone who’s been doing it for a year but has 100. Knowledge of search engine optimization.

One can earn money more quickly than another if they are skilled at attracting visitors through search engine optimization (SEO). It’s time to take charge. Over time, your credibility with readers and search engines will increase if you produce consistently high-quality material. As a result, more people will visit your blog.

Relevant and Irrefutable Material

People’s personalities can be felt through the writing style of even corporate blogs. To human beings, personality is what makes things interesting. Even while authors often have agendas or biases, readers can still get a feel for the real person behind the words and decide whether or not they agree. And the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Writing in this forum should be aimed at eliciting some sort of emotional response.

Weblogs are the only place online where anyone may write their thoughts in their own words and have them read by the world. Personal blogs don’t censor their writers, which can be a significant plus in a world where many media outlets have hidden agendas. Something like this is worth fighting for and protecting so that it doesn’t go extinct.

The Blog Format

Blog post material should be light and easy to read. There is something special about the blog as a medium in and of itself, not quite as disposable as a magazine and not quite as dry as a Wikipedia entry or scholarly piece. It’s the ideal balance of enlightening and conversational.

They are trusted resources because their content is reliable, accessible, and simple to understand. Blogs typically include a lighthearted element (like a “top 5” list) to attract readers and keep them clicking through to the end. 

Blog has also an easy subscription. You won’t waste as much time. This way, you won’t have to keep track of which blogs you follow to see if they’ve updated today. No news will pass you by. If you don’t check a certain blog too regularly, you can end up missing certain posts. Each new article on a blog that you subscribe to will automatically be delivered to your RSS reader.

You can ignore your reader for a week and the unread posts will still be there when you return. It generates a stream of articles tailored to your interests. Articles from many different blogs covering a wide range of subjects will be compiled for your convenience. It’s as if a newspaper were tailored specifically for you. In order to ensure that you always have something to read, many RSS readers will suggest blogs that are similar to the ones you already subscribe to.

Blogging Is Dynamic and Can Adapt to Changes

Blogs have seen steady development since their inception slightly over 20 years ago. At first, blogs resembled online diaries (or “logs”), which is why the terms weblog and blog eventually became synonymous. It wasn’t until about the past decade that they were properly adopted as the sort of marketing that they are so frequently utilized now. However, they are always developing, and this trend shows no signs of abating so long as individuals continue to create innovative means of information exchange online.

Due to this ongoing development, they are able to maintain their relevance and attract new users while expanding their scope of application. Some of them last while others don’t. One thing is certain, though: they are now standard issue in the toolkits of influencers.

Blog posts are dynamic in and of themselves. Take into consideration the number of blogs that currently incorporate some form of mixed media (videos, audio, recipes, even unique photos, and artwork). If you pay attention to what others are doing, you can start incorporating some of your own original ideas into your own practice. You will play a role in the development of blogs in general. There is always hope where there is still change.

Blogging is NOT DEAD

The marketing industry is always changing. If I had a dime for every marketer who declared that “blogging is dead,” “SEO is dead,” or “that’s the last we’ll see of Facebook,” I’d have enough money to buy a sailboat and head off into the sunset right now. 

For this reason, it’s a moot point to debate whether or not blogs are still important. The truth is that we need to quit declaring flat-lines whenever we can’t figure out how to adjust our thinking.

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