6 Types of Blog That Aspiring Bloggers Can Choose From

A blog is generally a website or a web page with regularly updated contents, run by either an individual or a small group.

The contents are often written formally or informally, and the goals behind each type vary depending on the blog owner or curator. 

According to statistics, 77 % of internet users read blog posts regularly therefore making it a must in this generation’s world. If you have been thinking about starting your own blog but you still have no idea what works best for you, check out below the top six types of blogs.

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1. Personal Blogs

These are the blogs people make when they want to tell stories about their personal lives or record their daily journal online to share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts with an audience.

There are no rules to follow or themes to adhere to yet it is important to find topics that your audience can relate with. Later on, you can create an engaged audience and a community of bloggers whom you can regularly interact with on your website, which leads you to continually expand the scope of your blogs and gain more audience and influence. 

Anything under the sun can be featured by personal bloggers though some might focus on a particular interest, such as a hobby or their passion, or advocacies. Some personal bloggers add images for them to relate with their audience more and therefore gain several shares later on. According to Hubspot, blog posts that feature an image every 75-100 words get 2X more shares than those without.

2. Business Blogs

This type of blog is the choice of many business owners or digital marketers aiming to attract their target customers. Usually, the blogger’s goal is to gain more exposure, traffic, and ultimately, customers for their business.  The success of a business blogger is to entice readers that will ultimately subscribe to their email list, submit a lead form, and eventually make a purchase. 

The best way for a business blog to be successful is to identify people who will most likely transform into becoming the business’ customers and create content or business articles that they would find interesting and meaningful. Then, make sure each piece of content leads these people to want to learn more about your products and services.

Business blogs are professional blogs related to corporate agencies, industries, and others. They provide an avenue to communicate with customers casually as a means to educate them about the offerings of a business. Basically, these are simply blogs used to promote a business or inform the target audience about the updated products they can offer.

A blogger can blog about their own business or the company they work for. The business blogger’s goal is to obtain exposure, traffic, and eventually, customers. To be a competitive business owner in this digital generation, you’ll need to be thoroughly equipped with the different approaches of digital marketing and be on board with business blogs. 

3. Marketing Blogs

Marketing is all about connecting with your prospective customers in the right place and at the right time. This means that there are far more possibilities for brands to reach customers, including email, video, social media, and websites.

Marketing blogs offer a fresh and varied perspective to equip you with your product campaigns. Brand awareness can be enormously strengthened through far-reaching marketing blogs. In addition to these significant advantages in the marketing world, marketing blogs are highly flexible and efficiently fast in reaching your audience.

Readers who wish to know more information about a certain product or want to take advantage of a promotional offer turn to marketing blogs. If you are a marketing blog owner, you must make sure that your contents are not click-bait in nature. Otherwise, you will lose your audience. 

You can write about product comparisons while subtly promoting your product or service. If you are able to provide reliable and useful content to your page visitors, your blog will most likely become the go-to place for customers. 

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4. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs focus on a certain interest, hobby, and activities.

Most of the lifestyle blog readers and subscribers are lovers of culture, arts, health, and home styling.  You can write about wide-ranging ideas with lifestyle blogs which is why it is everyone’s favorite.

Lifestyle blogs tend to focus more on the visual aspects of the blog by using high-quality images to showcase their activities and interests. Lifestyle simply means the way a person or a group lives so expect the blogs to be filled with story-telling. These blogs are more focused on their topics rather than making connections with the readers. Nevertheless, they are huge among marketing strategists.

5. Health Blogs

Health blogs greatly motivate people to remain fit these days by producing content on everyday health awareness through their news and features.  These blogs are usually sponsored posts about health and fitness. Some sponsors give you free products to review and magnify the indispensable need for health and fitness. 

Health blogs are largely popular for their content on losing or gaining weight, workout routines to tone muscles or even diet plans to enhance health and fitness. Wellness or health blogs is the best way to stay informed and be inspired to achieve a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health, these websites are full of useful resources and practical advice to encourage holistic well-being.

6. Religious Blogs

The revolutionary effects of the internet permeate the daily activities of our lives and that includes the different aspects of religion. 

Religious blogs bring together spiritual seekers all around the globe may it be an organized religion or individual spiritual sojourners. Through religious blogs, you can explore spiritual topics, be updated with the current events, history, and statistics of world religions, and meet people and groups who share or even disagree with your beliefs.

Religious blogs tend to be opinionated and highly subjective depending on the religion they are leaning on, and the spiritual experiences they have gone through. Yet the uniqueness of their content surpassed whatever biases they commit. 

Most spiritual blogs are written by people seriously engaging with and struggling with their faith. Some bloggers write more specifically about sacred texts while others are more culturally oriented. Religious blogs tend to cover the ways in which faith intersects with the arts, politics, and other aspects of our lives. 

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