5 Most Profitable Blogging Niches

There are around 7 million blog posts that get published on a daily basis. In the US alone, there are almost 32 million bloggers.

Different blog owners have different reasons behind creating their blogs. Among these reasons, blog monetization tops the list.

Two-thirds of those who blog are in it for the money. According to WPBeginner, blog monetization methods that are widely used include the following: 

  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products 
  • Services 
  • Physical Products 

Now, even if the methods listed above are proven to be income-generating, only 31% of bloggers actually make money from blogging and only 2% of bloggers are able to earn more than $150K every year. 

There are a lot of possible reasons why most bloggers fail to generate much money from blogging. However, one of the reasons must be the wrong choice of niche.

There are blogging niches that may not be as profitable as the others. To make the most of your blogging venture online, check out the 5 most profitable blogging niches.


Finance is a broad blogging niche that can still be narrowed down further to personal finance or business finance. Topics under this niche range from financial management, stocks, accounting, and even cryptocurrency. 

Writing about these topics can be very challenging if you don’t have personal experience or knowledge to draw from. Your readers would expect to read about pieces of advice on how they can wisely use their credit cards or how their business can navigate around accounting woes.

You must unlock certain jargon and simplify complex concepts around finance to be able to educate your readers on all things finance. This can also potentially land you deals with financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies seeking to collaborate with bloggers on educating consumers.


Another in-demand blogging niche is technology blogging. Several companies are looking for writers or blogs they can partner with on topics relating to computers, mobile devices, and other technological devices.

Most of these topics talk about the latest news or the recent trends when it comes to the use of certain high-tech gadgets. The most popular type of content that you can find in technology blogs are product reviews.

Readers want to know which particular product is better than the other before making purchasing decisions. Not only that, readers want to know certain hacks or tips on how to maximize the use of a certain technology—may it be a device or a system for personal or business use.

Digital Marketing

There’s no surprise about the inclusion of digital marketing in the list of the most popular blogging niches.

Digital marketing has long been the go-to marketing approach for companies that have resorted to digital product and service offerings. Even those that have kept their physical stores but want to somehow have an online presence turn to digital marketing.

57% of digital marketers have gained new clients through blogging. For digital marketing companies to reach these companies, they maintain blogs that showcase lengthy content and guides on the different digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimization among many others.

Others think that the digital marketing space is already saturated but there will never be too many writers who can expertly tell a story or analyze strategies and communicate these well with blog readers.

The expected 12.8% growth of digital marketing as an industry should compel you enough to explore this blogging niche.


Yes, the travel industry may seem like it’s temporarily on a halt considering the present circumstances (needless to say, this pandemic situation). However, an industry that has managed to maintain billions of dollars of earnings each year over the past years is definitely worth your time.

You can get into this blogging niche as a travel writer whose focus is on writing travel guides and reviews. You can write based on personal experience which means that it is going to entail a lot of traveling and exploring.

One way to monetize this niche is to also promote affiliate links and ads. There are also hotels and restaurants that are constantly on the lookout for travel bloggers to partner with. In exchange for writing positively about their services, you can enjoy sponsored visits.

Health and Wellness

There is a long list of topics that you can write under the health and wellness blogging niche.

Among these topics are the following:

  • Weight Loss and diet tips
  • Nutritional health
  • Alternative medicine
  • Mental health
  • Occupational health

Your blog posts can range from tips and guides to product recommendations. And did you know that topics under health and wellness amounted to $4.2 trillion in 2017 alone? The data is according to the Global Wellness Summit

This only goes to show how this blogging niche can be a lucrative venture for you as a blogger.

These blogging niches featured in this article are only five of the dozens of profitable blogging niches. There are several other popular and profitable blogging niches: Home and decor, fashion and beauty, dating and relationships, and showbiz and entertainment.

To make the right choice, check the following qualifications:

  • Your level of interest in the niche
  • Your expertise in the niche
  • Accessibility of the resources
  • The profitability of the niche

Internet users rely on blogging as a source of information for almost anything under the sun. In fact, 61% of people usually make a purchase after reading a blog recommendation.

Blogging remains the top choice for writers who want to earn money because blogging gets results. However, the profitability of blogging depends highly on your choice of niche so make sure that you choose the one that is not only suitable for you but also profitable as a venture. Otherwise, you will be missing out on several money-making opportunities.

Are you interested in a certain niche? Do you have personal knowledge or experience about the particular topics under that niche? Do you have access to the resources you need to continuously produce content in your blog? Is it among the most profitable blogging niches? 

Answer these questions and you would know just which of these blogging niches work for you best. 

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