Review WordPress Security Plugins: Security Ninja Pro

WordPress is great for bloggers and publishers. However, it is also prone to hacking and other security threats. There are several WordPress security plugins that can protect your blog from hackers. Here is one such plugin Security Ninja PRO WordPress Plug-in.

This plug-in scans your site for possible threats and suppresses them promptly. It also issues you alerts besides furnishing you with regular updates on the progress of the tasks.

The software program has been operational for the past seven years. It has acquired a wealth of experience and secured over 20,000 sites.

Here is a review of its features and potential benefits.

CORE MODULES OF SECURITY NINJA PRO (One of the top WordPress Security Plugins)

Core Scanner Module

Just like every other software program, WordPress has some core files. These safeguard the drives and other crucial pieces of data that are used to run the program. Not all core files may be necessary at any given time. Hackers may often hide some malware in these core files and use them to compromise the program later. There is the possibility that the core scanner module is designed to mitigate.

Malware Scanner Module

Malware scanner module is intended to exclusively search for and neutralize any malicious codes in the core files. Security Ninja PRO’s malware scanner module is quite compelling. It can run up to 20 steps at a time. This way, it sees to it that any threats are identified and mitigated promptly.

Scheduled Scanner Module

Security threats may often arise without notice and just about any time. Security Ninja PRO understands this. It frees you from the need to scan the core files and entire program as a whole manually and from time to time. It makes this possible courtesy of the scheduled scanner module. What’s more? It even sends an e-mail to update you of the progress and changes.

Events Logger Module

This module keeps an audit trail of all the activities that transpire on the program and website. This way, it lets you identify any changes you did not authorize or implement on your own. In doing so, you get to safeguard your program and site much better than you would otherwise. It also helps in carrying out further investigations.

Cloud Firewall and Database Optimizer

Security ninja has a cloud firewall to protect your information from cyber attacks. The firewall works blocking the hackers from your system even before they get to your site. It uses data from attacked sites to list dangerous IP addresses, which it blocks from accessing your sites. It is a proactive measure to prevent attacks from being launched on your website, making it safe for all who visit your site. Below is a short video demonstrating how it works.


  • Performs 50+ security tests at the click of a button
  • Conducts daily checks to ascertain any vulnerabilities and loopholes
  • Halts zero-day exploit and attacks
  • Provides detailed information and solution
  • Tracks and issues alerts for every potential threat
  • Possesses powerful modules which monitor and harden the security system
  • Has a remote access feature which allows for the management of multiple sites from one place
  • Destroys vulnerable scripts which have the potential to cause hacking
  • Security Ninja makes no changes to the systems


  • Scans sites in the shortest duration of time possible
  • Highlights any errors, threats, or inconsistencies identified and marks them in color
  • Quite comprehensive in scope and functionality
  • Possesses a wealth of experiencw by having been continuously operational for the past 7 years
  • Simple to master and utilize compared to other software of its kind


  • Costs more than free software programs of its kind
  • Less stringent pricing plans


The plugin has three main pricing modules. It is $29 for single sites, $79 for multiple sites, and $199 for lifetime use. Moreover, it is backed by 100% no risk, money back guarantee, which entitles you for a full refund in case you feel dissatisfied and return the program after seven days of use.


There you have it! You now know all that you might want to know about this plugin. Getting started is pretty simple.

All you need to do is visit the official website: and place an order.

You may also download it from the WordPress plugins page at

What are your favorite WordPress Security Plugins? Let us know in the comments below.

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