Using WordPress Themes to Create A Professional Website

We love good looking blogs, and we know that design is one of the vital reasons for the success of a blog. So if you have a website, or you’re looking forward to developing your own website anytime, you want it to look great and stand out from the crowd.

The themes and plugins of a website built on WordPress are its soul. Without these two elements, a website is just a blank space with no meaning.

WordPress has become the best Content Management System in today’s blogosphere because of its ever-growing user database and excellent, user-friendly features. Over 7 million websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

In this article, we’ll talk about WordPress themes, and how you can beautify your website using the perfect theme. Let’s start with what is a WordPress theme. Typically, it is a collection of template files that produce a front-end design for your website. Themes are mainly concerned with the appearance and styling of your website. WordPress brings hundreds and thousands of themes for you to choose from. There are several free as well as paid themes available, and the number keeps adding every day.

Installing a theme on your website is very easy.

Once you’ve installed WordPress and you’re ready to start building your website, you can go to your ‘Dashboard’ and select a theme from the ‘Appearance’ tab. You can add a new theme by clicking on the “Add New” tab.

To help you create a pretty website that stands out from the rest, here are 7 essential tips to consider while selecting a theme and designing your website.

Simple is Sophisticated

Most of us usually get confused while selecting a theme for our website. This is mainly because there are literally tons of themes, and every other theme looks great. There are themes with complex layouts, multiple colors, and glitzy animations. While those themes are great for certain kind of websites, usually, a simple theme is the best.

Especially, when you are a beginner, it is better to stick with a simple theme with a less complicated layout. Many a times, a simple theme attracts more visitors, than an overly done design.

Stick to the Goal

Another important thing that you should consider while selecting a theme and styling your website is to stick with the objective of your website. Your theme should be able to convey your objective right from the first impression.

You don’t want your target audience to keep figuring out what’s in store for them on your site. WordPress has several themes designed for specific types of websites. Choose the one that is the most relevant to yours.

Page Builder Plugins

WordPress is home to thousands of plugins that help you make your website better. There are plugins for almost everything. One thing that I’d recommend you to install on your website is a good quality page builder plugin.

There are many great page builders like Themify, Divi, and Thrive that are easy to use and have multiple layout and design options to create the best pages on your website.

Choice of a Good Layout

Selecting a proper layout for your website is one of the most essential things to do. You want your audience to notice the most important things first. For example, you’d want to place the social share buttons at a prominent place on your blog page, for your audience to share your posts easily.

The correct placing of the elements on your site is very important. You can customize the placing of your navigation bar, your blog posts, the sidebar and a lot of other elements, and create the perfect layout.

The Right Colors and Fonts

Another critical thing to keep in mind is the use of the right colors and fonts on your website. As much as a simple theme is vital, using appropriate colors and fonts is equally important. You don’t want to use too many colors, or go with very loud fonts.

Many great companies use color psychology to build their websites. The correct colors and fonts impact your website’s appearance to a great extent.


Your users could be using different devices and browsers to visit your website. A website that works great on a desktop, but looks chaotic on a mobile phone is a big turn off. Most of the traffic is usually generated from mobile and handheld devices. You have to be really careful about responsiveness while selecting a theme and designing your website.

SEO Friendliness

In an attempt to create a beautiful website, we tend to forget other important factors like the speed and performance of the website. There are a few themes that look excellent, but they make your website slow.

Search engines have started ranking websites based on their speed now. Selecting an SEO friendly theme and using the right design elements is one factor you cannot miss.

You can’t afford to lose traffic in spite of having the best content because of a bad design. Fortunately, with WordPress, you don’t have to worry much. You just need to have an eye for the perfect theme, and a little understanding of design aesthetics.

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