5 Benefits of Blog Commenting

In today’s generation, business writers usually write their articles through blogs. Considering the affordability and accessibility, business writers usually post their articles to advertise their products and services offered. 

To interact with the bigger audience, blog commenting is used to pave the way for exchanging ideas, thoughts, or opinions about what people feel about a particular topic or a blog post. Blog commenting empowers online business writers to maximize their online presence. Through blog commenting, a bond is established among the bloggers, readers, and the blog itself. In the study of Anggia and Sensuse (2013), they asserted that blog commenting can open many doors and generate many benefits for knowledge management among bloggers. 

On top of all that, blog commenting gives avenues for building traffic and links. This article examines the benefits of blog commenting.

blog commenting benefits

Clarify Some Important Points on the Blog

You might ask certain queries, debate certain points of posts, add more missing points or show gratitude in the form of comments. All of these things illustrate your intent to engage with the content.

If the blogger can spend time replying to queries and express their gratitude,, then you can start a conversation with them. Possibly, they will see your new posts and check the comments section as well. Consequently, this will build traffic and can possibly improve repeat visits for your own blog. In this way, it can foster a community around your blog and the blogger’s. 

It is always exciting to check the comments section on your blog to obtain immediate feedback regarding your post or see some highlighted points that they have appreciated. This depicts the engagement between you and the ones who made comments on your post. However, there are also comments that you find criticizing. Remember to be as constructive as possible when receiving and giving comments to blog posts. 

An icing on the cake advice: Receiving and giving blog comments will also allow you to get more ideas about what you are going to write about in your next blog post. 

Engage the Writer in a Conversation

A blog without comments is like talking with someone in an empty room. It’s like a one-way communication where there is a sender but no receiver. You wouldn’t see the interaction between you and the readers. Blog commenting helps static blogs transform into dynamic ones where you promote engagement with people on other posts by encouraging them to make comments. 

Writing a reasonable comment than the usual “I like your post” is very encouraging for other blog owners. To do this, start with a greeting and cite at least three (3) main points. After such, do not forget to wrap-up your comment with a concluding statement. If you want inspiration for what to write about, re-read the post again carefully to get the information you need. However, do not make a lengthy comment. Make you comment in a brief and concise manner. 

Share One of Your Articles

N you could grab the chance of sharing your own articles.  Putting a call to action at the end of your comments will stimulate the other commenters to comment more.

When there are several comments on a blog, you get the impression that it is a popular one. In addition, this will also attract search engines. Search engine spiders are programmed to search out popularity, as it suggests the content must be of exceptional quality and therefore indexable. Many comments must have risen from well-written posts, so the spiders are drawn to successful blogs with avid readers who regularly comment on them. Make sure your comments are insightful and won’t appear like spam so you will not get flagged by the blog owner.

Get Do-Follow Backlinks

A do-follow link paves the way for a search engine to track back to your site. Blog comments can provide a do-follow backlink for you. How does it work? Well, by commenting on a high domain authority blog with the URL to your blog, people will notice you. Overall, the aim here is to comment on niche-specific blog sites. 

Spammers will take advantage of high ranking websites by creating high authority backlinks through the website using blog commenting. Most blog posts avoid this by creating a moderated comment section or requiring users to provide identity.

Here’s how blog commenting for backlinks work:

1. Use the right keywords in the comments

Adding insightful comments on the top blog posts can help you direct traffic to your own website. . Make sure to add the targeted keywords to your comment that can lead the search engines on your search engine optimized web page/s.

2. Pick the top blogging sites that are open for comments in your niche

It is important to know your niche for creating high domain authority blog comments to achieve backlink generation. A valuable comment on an irrelevant blog doesn’t serve the purpose of backlink creation.

3. Not spamming a blog’s comment section

Keep in mind that blog commenting is a way to create backlinks. However, when you drop a comment only to get a backlink without adding value to the target blog, your comment may be trashed by the blog owner.

Network for a Future Collaboration

A blog comments section is the most commendable place possible to interact with the author and get feedback directly from the source. With this, it can help establish friendly relationships. With consistent comments made on the blog, it can blossom into new business opportunities and connections with you. 

When you make comments on other websites then it means that you are establishing a relationship with the owner of the blog. That person is already an authority in his area and when you build further relations with people then you are not only benefiting yourself but also your website. Giving comments not only helps you in building a relationship with the author of that post but it also helps to enhance the relations with the avid readers of that author.

If your comments are relevant to the post, the blogger will notice you, especially if you leave quality comments on their posts. This builds a professional relationship between you and the blogger. This entails writing the kind of comments that helps them and their readers. Be as constructive when and where it’s needed. This will draw attention to you and what you represent, for the right reasons. 


Blog comments offer numerous good-to-have aspects as well. Commenting aids to foster communication, create relationships, innovate ideas, learn new things, and more. Would you like to make your blog a more noticeable one? Do you want your blog to get noticed by influential bloggers?


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