The #1 Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic

The most significant challenge for a blogger is getting people to read their blog posts.

I recently wrote an article on “how I increased my blog traffic.” But this time, I asked my fellow bloggers and experts to share their #1 strategy to increase blog traffic. Here’s what they said.

Q. What is the number 1 strategy to grow your blog traffic?

A. Minuca Elena (Minuca creates awesome influencer roundups that provide quality content, brings huge traffic, and helps bloggers connect with influencers.)

My #1 strategy of growing my blog’s traffic is building links to my posts. I am often featured on other sites, and I try to link to my articles whenever it’s relevant. This way, I sent new readers to my posts, even the old ones, and I improve my SEO efforts.

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor, and that’s why you should never refuse the opportunity to get a new link.

Another strategy that I use to get more traffic is regularly sharing my posts on social media. Many bloggers share a new post a few times then go to the next post.

You should share all of your posts because you get new followers all the time and they haven’t seen your old posts.

A. Cormac Reynolds – Online Marketing Consultant (Cormac Reynolds)

One great way to drive traffic to your blog is to create something of value and then promote it via paid adverts on Facebook. As regards to cost per advert, Facebook is among the most efficient there is.

Make sure the content of worth you have created should have a pop up that allows you to capture email addresses of those who wish to read it. These can then be used in the future for email campaigns that showcase your new blogs on the site and in turn, will push traffic to it.

A. Andrew Warner (Founder of Blogging Growth)

Blog traffic is something that I focus on a lot. And one of the best strategies I’ve used to get TARGETED traffic is one of the simplest things anyone can do. And that’s to strategically reach out to people who have already shared YOUR content or even left a comment … and ask them to share your content again.

It works exceptionally well if you’ve had an A-list blogger share your content in the past. You can just reach out to them with your excellent new content and ask them if they could share the new post as well. (Note: Don’t bombard each A-list blogger too often. Once you abuse it by reaching out for EVERY post you write, you’re on your way to burning that bridge. Use it sparingly)

A. Mike Khorev (SEO expert and digital marketing strategist)

To grow blog traffic, I create content about popular topics and keywords, post frequently and promote each post separately.

It starts with keywords research on where I analyze competitors to find the right topic, length, flow and voice for my future post.

The ideal post would have around 1500-3000 words and will be optimized for keywords with monthly search traffic of 10 and more.

After it’s published, I launch a paid campaign on major social media networks to drive website visits, shares and get an initial boost. At the same time, I outreach to bloggers and influencers in the industry and work closely with them to add a link to my new post on their sites, media resources, and press releases.

Usually, I can get 2 to 5 backlinks that way and 1 to 3 blog posts a month typically appear on page 1 or 2 of Google organic search engine results and starts bringing in traffic.

A. Deborah E (Jazz Singer and Professional Writer)

In the case of it was almost accidental.

Years back, I interviewed artists.

The site is for musicians and artists, and in this case, I was interviewing artists.  I wasn’t even aiming for more traffic, just reaching the artists and the lover of arts.  However, my traffic jumped significantly!

Even though I did not require that the featured artists link to me or share on social media, they would do so, and that would cause many of their family, friends, and fans to come check out their feature on my blog.

This is probably one of the most successful traffic methods I have ever used, and if you do require your featured guest (interviewee) to share the article on social media and link to it from their blog (preferably a dofollow link), you will undoubtedly benefit with traffic and SEO benefits.

All you would need to do is set up a form on your site, with interview questions, and then have a template that you use.  When you receive the submissions (answers to your interview questions by an interviewee), you can plug the answers into your template and publish.

You can even prepare template emails to contact people for your interviews as well as reaching out to them to let them know they have been featured and remind them of their commitment to sharing the article X number of times on social media.

I can’t guarantee, but I am pretty sure that it is a sure success.  It was for me, so much so that I am starting it up again 🙂

A. Kia Barocha (Content Strategist at Digital Success)

The very moment we publish a new post, I make sure to submit it to Google Search Console which gets it indexed within seconds, hence making it accessible to the Google SERPs.

Also, since our blog is highly focused towards sharing digital marketing and business growth tips, we have got a professional profile created on marketing and business specific communities such as GrowthHackers, Bizsugar, Reddit, etc.

So, after getting our blogpost indexed, I share it with my professional networks in the communities mentioned above and other top-authority social media channels.

These communities have now become an excellent source of referral traffic for our blog.

A. Lukasz Zelezny (Head of Organic Acquisition)

Make sure Your website is optimized correctly following all SEO best practices.

You should use SEMRush and DeepCrawl tools which can crawl, gather and present a lot of information about your website.

Then you should start fixing all errors and warnings to make your website as clean as possible. Not all errors may sometimes be corrected but try to be as perfect as possible.

After that check what keywords you are already ranking and re-optimize content to give a push to these keywords.

A. Raelyn Tan (Blogging & Digital Marketing Strategist @

Pinterest is my best traffic source currently. I get close to 40% of my blog’s traffic from Pinterest.

I often tell bloggers and entrepreneurs to put in more effort into creating an engaging, eye-catching graphic.

Use bright colors, strong fonts and make sure that your pin is vertical.

Use a pin scheduler like Boardbooster or Tailwind to continually pin fresh content onto your boards to keep your account active. I highly recommend Pinterest, make sure you do not ignore this growing traffic source.


I’m not sure if there is one strategy that fits all. But most bloggers seem to agree that SEO, connecting with communities, and social media are a big deal. It’s important to figure out what works for you and do them consistently.

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