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12 Ways To Make Your Blog More Persuasive

Businesses are custom-designing websites for handhelds and integrating social-media friendly communication on their sites to persuade their customers. The online blogging and business world is becoming more persuasive, more focused on attracting and retaining interest. This includes everything…

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Using Copyright Protected Images on Your Blog? Be Ready to Pay Huge Penalties

copyright laws

Imagine you’re having a regular day at work, sipping coffee at your desk. You open your mailbox and the first email you see is from an attorney. It’s a legal notice. Someone’s suing you for $5000 for using one of…

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What is Plagiarism and How To Avoid it?

What is Plagiarism and how can you avoid it

There may have been times when you copied a certain portion of someone else’s writing. You might have liked the idea or concept. You didn’t intend to, but you expressed exactly the same idea, but in different words….

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