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Want to get paid to write articles and blog posts for us?

We pay writers!

Please go through the guidelines in this page before pitching to us.


We pay $50 per blog post at the moment. We want our blog posts to be at least 1000 words.

Topics we cover

Our target audience are bloggers looking to earn a full-time income from their blog. We are looking for original, unique content NOT published anywhere else. We prefer case studies with screenshots on how you did it rather than a third person view of how other people are doing it. For example, an article that says “How I Got 25,000 Unique Visitors a Month From Pinterest?” is more likely to get accepted than an article that says “How To Get 25,000 Visitors From Pinterest?”

We are generally looking for blog posts on the following topics.

  • Generating traffic to your blog: Ideas, tips, suggestions, how-to’s, step-by-step processes, list building, community engagement, and anything related to increasing traffic and building a fan following.
  • Making money online: Monetizing, increasing revenue, and making money from your blog.
  • WordPress: Blog posts related to WordPress and how they can help bloggers. Comparison of plugins with features and suggestions. Example, Top 5 Directory Plugins and which ones are most suitable for you. Should include the cost of the plugin, instructions on installation, comparison with other products and best plugin to use based on specific circumstances. The article should give a clear suggestion on which one to use rather than just a neutral view, because bloggers are looking for a specific answer rather than a generic list.
  • Product and course reviews: We sometimes pay for product and course reviews. But we prefer them to be a list rather than a single product or course. For example, 10 Best Courses To Become a WordPress Expert. You should’ve taken all the courses or used all the tools listed in the article and give a non-biased opinion/review of all the courses.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We are mostly looking for lists of affiliate products that bloggers can promote. Examples include, 10 affiliate products for travel bloggers that pay a commission of at least $50 per sale. 10 affiliate products in the business category with the highest commissions; etc.
  • Content creation, copywriting, and content marketing.
  • Legal aspects of starting and running a blog.

Policy on Links

We DO NOT allow commercial or affiliate links in any of the articles. We DO NOT accept articles from agencies. Whether a link stays in the article or not is completely at the discretion of our Editors. In the meantime, we reserve the right to add internal or external links to any of the articles.


Although we don’t plan on changing the entire idea of your article, our editors may edit the article to fit the voice and style of our blog.

Publishing Rights

Articles purchased by us cannot be published elsewhere. We are buying complete rights to the article including reprint rights. We reserve the right to publish the articles on any of our sites, books, or ebooks.

Writer Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before getting in touch with us. We won’t respond to emails that don’t follow these guidelines.

  1. We expect you to promote your published articles on your social media profiles and respond to comments. One of the primary reasons we pay writers is to drive traffic and engagement.
  2. Blog posts must be at least 1000 words and should cover facts and figures NOT just opinions.
  3. Send us a pitch with a headline and summary of the article.
  4. Just because we approve a pitch does not mean the article will be approved. We’ve seen a lot of great pitches but the finished article turned out to be poor. Once we see the completed article, we’ll let you know whether we’ll publish or not.
  5. If we choose to publish, we’ll send you an email letting you know the date of publication.
  6. If you don’t hear from us within 15 days, then we’re not interested in publishing the article. Although we try to respond to every email, it’s not always possible.
  7. If your article is published, we’ll pay within 10 days of publication through PayPal.

Who to Pitch?

Email with the subject line “Article for Blogger Hangout [Title of the blog post]”

P.S. Our Job Board also has listings of various freelance writing jobs. Check it out here.

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