Website Traffic: How I got 3143 Page Views in the First Month of starting my blog?

Is it possible to get over 3000 page views in your first month of blogging? That too without an advertising budget? I know people who have got 20,000 page views of website traffic in their first month, but that’s more an exception than the norm. I got 3143 page views in the first month of starting my blog. I’ve explained my process of getting website traffic in this article.

I started blogging way back in 2009. However, I haven’t been consistent. One of my blogs went on to make me money, and I eventually sold it in 2014.

I then drifted into other businesses and didn’t blog as much. I did dabble around with a few blogs here and there, but it was more like a hobby rather than a serious profession.

In 2017, I realized that my real forte was in blogging. It’s been one of my primary ways of acquiring clients for my services.

On July 24, 2017, Trainer Hangout went live. So for practical purposes, we will consider August 2017 to be the first month.

We got 3143 views in our first month. I think it’s not a bad start. Our target is one million page views a month by March 31, 2019.

Page views

How did we get these pageviews?

#1 Post content at least once a week

Quality of content is essential. But if you want organic traffic, then the quantity also matters. If you use WordPress, optimize it for SEO using the Yoast plugin.

Do a basic keyword research using keyword planner, and find keywords with high volume and low competition.

#2 Connect with other bloggers

We are a blog for coaches, bloggers, and consultants; so it’s relevant for us to connect with this segment. I publish interviews and features about other bloggers and coaches. I help them get visibility for themselves.

I have always believed that the fastest way to grow is by helping other people. That’s what this blog intends to do. We want to help coaches, bloggers, and consultants in whatever way we can.

#3 Get active on social media

Majority of our traffic came from five sources – Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google (Organic search), Blogarama, and Pinterest.

My focus for the next six months is going to be on five sources Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google (Organic search), LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

#4 Guest posting

One of the fastest ways to grow a blog is through guest posting. It gives you access to a new audience that is used to reading and engaging in blog posts. It also helps your SEO, because of backlinks.

I know websites that have grown to build substantial traffic just by guest posting. I love this strategy because it helps me connect with other bloggers.

My plan for the next six months

My goal for the next six months is to get to one million page views a month.

It sounds almost impossible.

I remember someone telling me, set yourself a goal that if you achieve it, it’ll blow your mind off. Goals like these excite me, and I’m so looking forward to the ride.

The plan

Publish at least seven blog posts a week. Optimize it for SEO. And populate your social media feeds.

Interview at least 1000 bloggers, coaches, or consultants. Involve as many people as possible. And figure out a way to benefit them. In short, build a community around your blog.

Publish at least 30 Pins a month and share it on various boards. I may even recycle existing pins.

Feed your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn frequently. At least one post should be going out every day.

Collaborate with other Stumblers, Tweeters, and Bloggers. Get active by commenting on other blogs and become known in the blogging community as someone who provides valuable advice.


Growing a blog is a lot of hard work. I believe consistency and discipline are far more important than anything else. It’s better to do fewer things but do them more consistently.

What are your plans for the next six months? Share them in the comments below.


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  1. I totally agree with your conclusion! I just started my blog in September on my forth week now, which it not going too bad. However I find myself stretching too thin because I am trying to keep up with all the social media, plus staying constant with my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. That is awesome! I tell new bloggers the first mark to strive for is 10,000/month which takes some working up to. But you did 1/3 in your first month! Having a good plan definitely helps

  3. Yea that’s true.

    I totally agree with you it takes a lot of hard work and be consistency. Focus on one niche and do things step by step will make you the top blog in your niche.

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