Guest Posting Benefits. And How I Got Published on 1000+ Blogs

Ryan Biddulph has been featured on over 1000 blogs as a guest poster. In this article, he explains the benefits of guest posting and how he does it.

Guest blogging has been good to me.

But I have also been good to guest blogging.

I have been featured on over 1000 blogs as a guest poster.

With those features I have seen some sugary sweet benefits including:

  • Doubling my email list in the past 3 months (after I went on a guest posting blitz of writing 2-5 guest posts daily)
  • Increasing my exposure so I could get featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News
  • Boosting my blogging profits
  • Increasing my blog comments
  • Boosting my social shares
  • Making new friends

The last bullet point is *the* difference maker.

Friends make your blogging campaign. Friends will promote you, endorse you, buy your products and hire you for your services.

Guest posting is the most direct way to capitalize on the principle of leveraging.

Leveraging meaning being in a ton of places at once.


I have 60,000 community members at Blogging From Paradise.

When I guest posted on Positively Positive, I instantly introduced:

  • 5 million Facebook Fans
  • 80,000 email subscribers

…to my blog, Blogging From Paradise.

That’s over 2,500,000 community members and 80K email subscribers. Which is more than 60,000 community members.

Now that you have seen the chief benefits of guest posting I wanted to share with you how I got published on over 1000 blogs.

I Guest Post Mainly for Fun

After working for the past 7 hours and already publishing 2 guest posts today I am sitting here writing my 3rd guestie of the day.


This is not work for me.

This is play for me.

I genuinely have fun writing guest posts.

No way in Hades could I write and publish guest posts on 1000 plus blogs if writing guest posts felt like work to me.

I love writing. I feel passionate about writing. So I write. A lot.

This is the fundamental tip to volume publishing helpful, valuable guest posts. You gotta have fun writing and sharing your posts with blogging communities to become stupid prolific.

I Wrote 1000 Plus Words Daily for Years

I placed guest posts on a ton of blogs because I can write.

I can write because I practiced writing 1000 to 20,000 words daily over years.

I developed my writing skills to gain:

  • Confidence
  • Clarity

…in my writing voice.

Since I write with confidence and clarity I don’t suffer from a lack of writing confidence that timid bloggers cower to, reducing the likelihood that they would actually accept guest post invites.

People will trip over themselves to get you to guest post on their blogs if you develop your writing skills over years.

Practice writing. Become a confident writer. Find your writing voice. Land more guest posts.

I Made Friends by Commenting Effectively on Blogs

Making friends through blog commenting is a simple way to land guest posting opportunities freely and easily.

I publish a 2-4 paragraph comments on blogs from my niche persistently.

My fellow bloggers dig the love, comment on my blog and a nice little bond develops.

Over time, these bonds grow, we become friends and friends help each other out.

I have landed more guest post opportunities by just commenting on blogs and promoting other bloggers (#4) persistently than through any other strategy.

I Made Friends by Promoting Other Bloggers

This one is a difference maker.

I have guest posted on a high volume of blogs because I spent much of my time promoting other bloggers, building my friend network patiently.

Friends ask friends to guest post.

Since I have hundreds of blogging buddies it is quite easy for me to land a high volume of guest posts.

Promote *other* bloggers aggressively while you promote yourself. Make friends. Land guest post invites.

I Simply Accepted Guest Post Invites

Save pitching Positively Positive, Life Hack and a few other instances, all remaining guest posting opportunities flowed my way through invites.

I am The Hunted. Not The Hunter. Because hunting wastes my energy. But being hunted saves my energy.

When you follow tips 1-4 diligently, you will receive an increasing number of guest posting invites which you can gobble up freely and easily.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list? How are you landing guest posts?

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  1. Hi Ryan and Vinil!

    Wow, 1000 blogs as a guest poster! I still have some way to!!! But seriously, Ryan, you make blogging look so effortless, simple and fun, it is easy to aspire for higher!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,


    1. Yes Pedro, Ryan seems to have more energy than many of us. I’ve seen him do this consistently for so many years. Blogging to me is about being consistent. And that’s what separates the best from the rest.

  2. This is awesome advice, thank you. I really need to guest post more. The stupid thing (on my part) is that I already have several friends that said I could guest post, and I haven’t done it for so long. How sad is that?

    Anyway, I had a great opportunity come my way a week or so ago from a local blog and it looks like I can do some blogging on that on a “regular” basis (which may look like once a month). It’s so great, because it will help my local business in the future, too. Goal is to get the first one done next week.

    I think my issue is time and that I’m a slow blogger. I know how to blog and optimize for SEO and I’m confident. It just takes me longer than most to write/figure out what to right. But, I am getting faster over time.

    Thanks for the motivation and the tips. I really hate the idea of emailing people begging them to allow me to guest post. Like you, I go for working w/ people I know. I need to do more blog commenting in my niche. Thank you again.

    1. Writing is a habit. And one needs to cultivate it. Some of the best bloggers and writers schedule two hours a day just for writing. Whether they feel like it or not, they just write. The biggest mistake with newbie writers is that they judge their writing; just write and stop worrying about whether it’s good, bad or ugly. If you write long enough, you’ll know that not all your writing is worthy of a Pulitzer. But eventually, there’ll be a masterpiece somewhere.

      You can try guest posting on this blog, here is the link to the guidelines

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