Tips on Writing Content That Will Appeal to Emotions

About 84% of B2B or even B2C marketers use content marketing to boost brand awareness and widen customer reach with the ultimate goal of closing solid deals, landing more clients, and increasing sales.

One writing style employed by many is the emotional writing technique that aims to make content appealing to the emotions of the target readers. This technique is deemed by many as effective in making content that will boost the readers’ engagement among the different platforms. 

Writing content that appeals to emotions is often done by building an influential emotional narrative that lets you build your message with the use of specific words, structures, and hooks in order to sustain the emotional investment of the audience’s interaction with your content post and thus, getting the response you want from them.

To write content that will effectively appeal to the emotions of the readers, there are several tips that you should observe.

Define Your Target Readers

You cannot make content that will appeal to the readers’ emotions without looking at the core of your content post which is to define your target readers. Without considering your target readers, you cannot be able to determine what topics you are going to choose and what type and form of message you are going to communicate so that the readers can reflect and respond to the content post you are making. 

To define your target readers, make sure to reflect on their needs, and use these in order to make contents that will address their problems and then appeal to their basic instincts. In this way of writing content that will appeal to emotions, you get to address their pain points in every content post you are making. 

If you want to incorporate a healthy manner of driving the emotions of the readers while looking at your content, make sure to determine their needs and concerns first before deploying specific content that they will read.  

Talk to Your Readers Directly

It is important that you’re not simply writing to an emotionless audience. You are talking to followers or subscribers who want you to take them on a journey.

Instead of just writing plainly, you are writing because you are using that skill to let others read what you truly feel towards the pain that the readers are feeling current while reading your content post. 

Writing content in a more conversational manner will give them a comprehensive way of analyzing your content and applying them immediately in a real-life setting. Using short sentences, simple and comprehensive words, and reducing the use of jargon will talk to the readers directly.

Additional tip: In writing content that will appeal to emotions, make sure that you also analyze the emotions while you are writing your content. In this way, you get to determine what expectations you are going to have whenever readers look at your content. 

Leverage Relatable Stories

Making use of “I” and “You” will establish strong language to the readers regarding writing content that will appeal to emotions. Since you are the writer that will post content, make sure to build authority in leveraging relatable stories. 

Incorporating the pain and pleasure while writing will leverage the relatable story to the readers. When writing content, make sure that you do not only highlight the pain you are experiencing on a specific issue. While highlighting the pain, make sure that you also introduce how you were able to overcome that.

When writing content that will appeal to emotions, make use of a structure that highlights the problem and solution at the same time. It is important to advertise that solution in order to engage readers in overcoming the same problem they are encountering and at the same time will also encourage others in reading the content to have a satisfying experience with regards to the problem. 

Use Powerful Words

Another way of writing content that will appeal to emotions is to build character and foundation to your content which is to make use of powerful words that will strengthen your content. Words can trigger emotional responses and drive the action to the readers. Hence, this will also encourage them to click on your content post and entice others to do the same. 

Using an interplay of powerful words will enable the readers to establish a deeper connection with you as a writer. Having a dynamic highlight of emotions while playing it with words will enable the audience to attract reader interest and showcase what you truly are. When writing content that will appeal to emotions, words are everything that plays an impactful role in boosting the interest of the readers. 

Subsequently, when you are using powerful words, do not trick the audience. Try to be as honest as possible in order to prevent misleading content.

Be Detail-Oriented

Do not just discuss and show your points. When writing content that will appeal to emotions, make sure to be detail-oriented. Do not just highlight the statistics because you want to impress the readers; instead, make use of the details in order to help the readers directly into the solution that they desire. 

This is not to say that you need to eradicate fascinating facts, but make sure that when incorporating details in your article, you need to highlight details that will guide the readers in solving the problems through different solutions. 

Write Emotion-Based Headlines

In writing content that will appeal to emotions, you need to establish a connection when conveying ideas; hence, you need to be persuasive when writing. 

As words play a huge role in appealing to the emotions of the readers, you need to write emotion-based headlines that will trigger the readers’ emotions. 

When writing emotion-based headlines, make sure that you need to take note of the expected emotional benefits that the readers might obtain should they be going to read your headline. Aside from making a headline that will encourage readers to read more, make sure that it parallels the content that you have written. 

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